Is a sustainable diet a healthy diet?

There’s plenty of literature out there about healthy eating and what a healthy diet looks like, however there’s much less about sustainable diets (i.e. what’s the best diet for the planet). Studies on the former are starting to be done (especially in Europe), and researchers are beginning to explore the connection between a healthy diet … More Is a sustainable diet a healthy diet?

10,000 Step Challenge

Movement is what our bodies are designed to do, however most Americans don’t get enough of it. This is nothing new, it’s been the case for quite some time. It’s recommended that we walk 10,000 steps a day. This is somewhat arbitrary, however is a good average to ensure a healthier body. 10,000 steps is … More 10,000 Step Challenge

Consider the Bike

If you live within a few miles of your place of work, consider biking to work instead of driving. If work’s too far away, consider biking around your town to run errands, or just go out for a leisurely ride around your neighborhood. Why bike? Health  Physical: According to a study published in the British … More Consider the Bike

Regenerative Agriculture Update

Following up on my post from January 2nd, here’s an update on the proposed Regenerative Agriculture standards. To recap these new standards would not replace USDA Organic Standards, but rather build upon them in certain areas. The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation defines regenerative agriculture as “any system of agriculture that continuously improves the cycles on which it relies, … More Regenerative Agriculture Update