Almost done planting…


Before (last week) above and After (today) below of our peas!

Thanks to a troop of local Boy Scouts volunteering this afternoon, we now have almost all our squares in the plot filled. We planted organic tomato seedlings, organic eggplant seedlings, and organic zucchini seeds. The bean seeds have sprouted as well. The kids had a great time planting, writing out plant labels, watering, and doing some much needed weeding along the perimeter of the garden. We put some flower seeds in around the main rock formation centrally located in the garden. I gave a brief description/history of the three flowers (4 O’clocks, caster bean flowers, and cleome flowers). Once the flowers begin to grow, I’ll post some pictures of those.


Above are our Rosa Eggplant seedlings that went in the ground. We have another volunteer meet up on Thursday to put  mulch around our plot and other areas. Should be a successful season of donating!

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