Mini Veggies that aren’t so “mini”

The window sill planting box, pictured below, was given to me along with seeds to plant in it. The seeds are for “Mini Carrots”, “Mini Peas”, and “Mini” Cabbage. The instructions said to plant half the seeds provided (which was a lot!). It also gave no indication of how large the plants would become, and if a transplant would be required. There was no way all those seeds would be able to mature as plants in that tiny box though….


Boy was I right. After only a few weeks you could tell they would need to be moved. This past week, I did some transplanting and they seem to be doing much better in their new, bigger homes. The peas’ roots had gotten so long, that they reached from end to end in the box. They were getting tangled in the carrots and cabbage as well.


The peas are still inside, but loving the new larger pot. Will probably be needing a trellis for these guys.


The carrots are in two pots for now, but I need to figure out where they can be permanently to have some more space and depth!Image

Lastly, my spaghetti squash I planted on the 10th has sprouted and grown quite a bit. 🙂

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