Homemade Lotion!

In attempt to avoid all the not-so-good for you chemicals in commercial lotion, I have decided to create my own. For this first batch, I used coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter as bases. I placed equal amounts of the oils in a mason jar. I then added the jar to a pan of hot water on the stove. Once the solid oils had melted, I removed the jar from the pan of water. I added optional vitamin e oil, lavender oil, and vanilla extract. I divided the lotion into much smaller mason jars for storing.

After chilling the lotion in the refrigerator overnight, I noticed it was very greasy. I read online that adding cornstarch to the mixture might help, so that’s what I did. Using a hand processor, I whipped the solidified lotion and slowly added in cornstarch.



Placing the lotion back into its original containers, I let them cool in the refrigerator again overnight. The next day, the lotion had become the consistency of body butter. I do believe the cornstarch helped quite a bit, as the lotion was significantly less greasy. I am, however, continuing to store the lotion in the frig to keep it out of the summer heat.


There were a few observations I made throughout the process. Most notably, I would try using less olive oil then I did. I may experiment with cocoa butter, in addition to the shea butter and coconut oil. I think the solid oils work best for the end product I was trying to achieve. All the oils I used were organic too! Even though you are not ingesting the oils, they are being absorbed to a degree through your skin.

As soon as I finish using up the lotion I made, I will embark on my next DIY creation….soap making!

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