Second Harvest of the Season

Yesterday we had our second harvest of the garden. We collected lettuce, Swiss Chard, and sugar snap peas again. Our zucchini plant is blossoming nicely, and our tomato plants have quite a few green tomatoes on them. Below is a photo of our harvest from last week, which was donated to the Denville Food Pantry this past Monday. I don’t have a photo from this week….though it was equally impressive in relation to the size of our plot.


Over the weekend, one of our volunteer’s grandfather was kind enough to put together a trellis for our beans. The poor eggplants were being shaded terribly.

IMG_2333 IMG_2334

Last week, while watering and harvesting, we noticed lots of ants around and on the plants. I read that sprinkling cinnamon both on the perimeter of the plot and on the plant leaves themselves, helps to rid the ants. We saw significantly less yesterday, so I believe it worked! This is a great organic tip to naturally get rid of ants in both your garden and in your home. The sweet smell is an added bonus!

Additionally, quite a few of our plants (especially the eggplants) had tons of tiny holes in them. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that the plants were being attacked by flea beetles. We cultivated the soil surrounding the plants for starters. Only a few days later, we noticed the leaves looking healthy. Yesterday the kids sprayed a garlic-water mixture on the plants. I created this by placing an entire bulb of crushed garlic in a bowl, and pouring hot water over top. I poured enough water to cover the garlic. After letting the mix sit overnight, I strained the water into a spray bottle. At the garden, we spritzed the concoction on all leaves still showing evidence of flea beetle damage. I’ll be returning to the garden soon to see how it worked.


My passion for painting and being crafty really surfaced this week, as I painted quite a few rocks to place in the garden. My mother wanted one for her garden, inspiring me to paint some for the “Donation Plot”.



I found this idea online and couldn’t help myself. So cute!

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