New Running Apparel for the Big Day

While training for my first marathon, I decided to treat myself (and my feet) to some new running shoes.


Because I overpronate, or roll my feet inward too much with each step, I did a lot of research before making my purchase. I have had knee issues before, but through getting the proper shoes and completing strength training exercises daily, I have been able to run injury free (knock on wood). My relatively flat and wide feet, certainly contribute to the overpronation and make me more vulnerable to knee injury.  Without much of an arch, I also looked for a shoe that was straight rather than curved. I also needed a shoe with a lot of support along the inner portion of the shoe, to prevent my foot from rolling inward too much. I chose these darling Asics. Over the past few weeks I have been breaking them in, so far so good!

And of course, I needed a new racing outfit too!


These incredibly breathable shorts will do great in that North Carolina heat, and the shirt is also made to wick sweat away. My hydration, or bladder, pack probably won’t be coming to the race with me, however for now it keeps me well hydrated on training runs.

So far I’ve completed two – 20 mile runs, and several just under 20. I’m feeling more and more excited as race day gets closer!

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