We picked a name! “Helping Hands” it is. :)

In order for members of the community garden to be able to contribute extra produce from their garden plots, we decided to purchase to wooden bins. My darling father nailed the two together, and created a stand for them so they would be raised off the ground. Due to the groundhog problem we had at the garden last year, we wouldn’t want to give him easy access to quick free food.

This is the before shot of the bin. Getting ready to paint!


To keep me going in the heat I was painting in, I brewed some tea, chilled it, and infused it with sliced strawberries and fresh mint. Yum 🙂


Two coats later, here is the after picture. I used blue, as it was the only outdoor paint we had. The soothing color will still fit right in at the garden. I’m hoping to paint some vegetables on the front soon.


We made some changes at the garden. We pulled out our sugar snap peas, as they had reached their end, and moved our poor shaded eggplant to the peas’ former place. The beans have really started to take over! I just caged the zucchini plant as well. The leaves had begun to stretch over the Swiss Chard.


Although these look like tomatillos forming in their husks, this plant is something known as an Aunt Ground Molly Cherry. It comes from Poland, and will end up producing a yellow-orange tomato-like fruit. While it looks like a tomato, the fruit is sweet (some claiming it tastes like pineapple). I can’t wait to try one and see if it’s true. We still have a little while to go before they are ready; the husks must turn brown and show the fruit forming inside. Once they fall to the ground, they’re done. Interestingly, they will keep in the husk for up to 3 months.


Tomatoes are beginning to grow nicely. Unfortunately these ones in the photo ended up splitting. 😦 There was too much rain that week!


The biggest news over the past few weeks, is that we finally decided on a name for the donation plot. It is called “Helping Hands”. We figured this would be appropriate since the plot is maintained solely by volunteers. I created this sign to place outside the plot! We have two other projects going on as well. Once they’re finished I’ll post them. 🙂



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