“Helping Hands” Volunteer Cooking Demo!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a nutrition session/cooking demo for all the volunteers of “Helping Hands” (the name of our donation plot). We held the meeting at the  garden around a picnic table. Each volunteer was asked to bring an ingredient (all of which were fresh fruits or vegetables). I spoke to the kids about each food individually, discussing how to grow the plant, some fun historical facts, and why it’s good for your body. For things like quinoa, I showed the kids pictures of it growing in its native land of Bolivia and Peru. Most of the other plants, they had at least seen growing before. After we talked about each ingredient, the volunteers placed theirs into a huge mixing bowl.


Once all the volunteers had combined their ingredients, we had created a colorful salad. Everyone gathered ’round the table, bowls in hand, ready to try our healthy meal. It was incredible to see the kids tasting new foods for the first time. Their reactions, whether good or bad, were fun to watch and I was proud of them for at least trying something new!


This is a shot of “Helping Hands” before we harvested at our meet. As you can see, the beans LOVE their trellis.


We picked quite a bit of lettuce as well (it will be our last of the summer season). Once it is cooler out, we will plant new lettuce for the fall. As you can see in the photo, our lettuce has gone to seed. The last photo in this blog post shows how much lettuce we were able to collect though!


We have at least three different types of beans growing in the plot, which you can see below. The awesome looking purple ones are dragon bush beans. Unfortunately they lose their color when you cook them. For now they look beautiful though.


I’m proud to say that almost all the produce below was grown in the “Helping Hands” plot. This was the first time we harvested zucchini, and our beans weighed several pounds.



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