Running my first marathon!

This time a week ago, I was relaxing on the beach before running my first marathon. Since the temperature can get quite warm (and humid) in North Carolina in August, the marathon began around  sunset. With a 7:30 pm start time, I had the entire day to relax with my family at the ocean. Before I departed on my almost 12 hour drive to North Carolina, I had spent the summer training my butt off for this race. I practiced different fueling techniques to test out what I would eat during my race. I used dried cranberries (sweetened with apple juice), mashed bananas, pretzels (for the carbs and sodium), and sports gels. After a long run I love my Smart Water with ice. Below, is a picture of what would become my aid station.

The race course was a loop, which I ran around 5 times. My family set up a personal aid station for me, where they gave me food as I came around. About an hour before the race I consumed a small homemade low-fat muffin and an apple. The quick carbs were fast to digest and did not put strain on my digestive system (limited fiber and fat). During the race I had part of another banana, some pretzels, and 2 gels. After it was over, I enjoyed my chocolate soy milk and the other half of the massive bean burrito I got for lunch.


The race was in a gated community, with an expansive clubhouse. As a racer, I was granted full access to the wrap around pool.  😉Image

The view of the race course from the pool was beautiful. During the race I ran over many small bridges and around ponds. Image

Being goofy before the race begins!

I finished the race in just over four hours (10 seconds over actually). As soon as I rounded the final corner and saw the finish line, I picked up my pace and sprinted through to the end.  I would have finished sooner, however I stopped to rest my left knee a few times. This joint has always bothered me despite my physical therapy I do everyday. By strengthening my gluts, quads, and hamstrings, my knees have gotten significantly better. Now that the race is over, I plan to take up cycling.

Kelly 1st Marathon 23

ImageI was lucky enough to get some much needed rest and relaxation in the Outer Banks. The house we stayed in had a gorgeous view of the ocean!


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