Tempeh Mushroom Paninis!

At work yesterday, I was trying to decide what I would make for dinner. I started flipping through my Pinterest finds, and came across the Engine 2 Diet Vegan Hummus Tempeh Mushroom Panini Melts. They looked so incredibly delicious, that all I could do was count down the hours until I would be home to make them!


Tempeh Mushroom Paninis

Makes 1 panini


  • 1/2 package of organic tempeh, sliced into strips (will have a few strips left depending on the size of your bread)
  • 1 Portobello mushroom
  • 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tsp pure maple syrup
  • 2 slices whole grain bread (I used Ezekiel Bread)
  • Ample hummus
  • A handful of spinach


  • Warm a pan on the stove over medium heat. Cook the tempeh in the pan using water (or oil, but it works fine with water). Let the tempeh cook for a few minutes on both sides. If you are using water, watch the tempeh closely so it does not stick (I do not have non-stick pans). Continue to add water as needed. I actually added some soy sauce to my tempeh as it was cooking for additional flavor.
  • Once the tempeh is cooked, set it aside and begin to prep your mushroom. Coat the mushroom in the tsp of maple syrup and tsp of soy sauce. Over medium heat, coating the pan with water, cook the mushroom for about 5-7 minutes. Covering the pan helps to cook the mushroom faster. Make sure you flip your mushroom once to cook the other side.
  • Now take your bread, spread hummus on both slices, and place the mushroom on the bottom slice. Add the tempeh strips and top with spinach. Going back to your stove, place the sandwich in a pan over medium heat. I used a non-stick cooking spray to prevent the sandwich from sticking. I also placed an additional pan on top of the sandwich to compress it. If you have a panini press, obviously use that! Once the sandwich has browned on one side, flip and repeat. When completely cooked, slice diagonally and enjoy!


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