We’ve donated over 100 pounds!

September has begun, and our beans are still going strong. We have several different types growing, including Jacob Cattle Beans and Dragon Bush Beans. Our zucchini has been pulled out (due to the bad powdery mildew it had). This year was not a good year for tomatoes in our plot, nor in other garden members’ plots. Some have been splitting, and quite a few of the plants themselves are dying.


 The most interesting crop we are growing, is thankfully doing extremely well. This would be the “Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry” plant, pictured below. Originating from Poland, this sweet tomatillo looking, pineapple tasting fruit, is something you MUST try. Look for them at a farmer’s market if you don’t feel like growing them yourself. The plant has grown tremendously since we planted it from seed at the beginning of the season. It remains low to the ground, but spreads out like crazy.


In other news, we finally got the Helping Hands sign posted in the plot. Now the donation plot officially has a name and a hand-painted (by me) sign to make other gardeners more aware of what we’re doing.


We passed the 100 pound mark for donated food this week! At the beginning of the season, I thought 100 pounds sounded like a crazy amount of food to be harvested from a small 10 ft x 6 ft plot. With the help of many volunteers and donations from other gardeners, we are currently just under 108 pounds of food donated.  The “Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries” are in the yellow husks pictured in the front of the photo below. 
IMG_2808Helping Hands also takes care of the flower garden within the Hopatcong Community Garden. Around the otherwise useless rocks bulging out of the ground, the garden members created a mulched area with flowers. At the start of the growing season this year, the volunteers and I planted several different types of flowers, including castor plants. We have about 3 of them which now stand almost 6 feet tall. The flowers of the plant are a deep bright pink, and very spiky. I’ll post a picture of them next time!

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