My (brief) trip to South Carolina

The last week or so has been an absolute whirlwind. I left Redbud Farm and traveled to South Carolina. Clay and Nancy blessed me with several parting gifts as I left. Since Nancy frequently saw me snacking on their sun-dried tomatoes, she packaged me up a few bags. She also knew of my weakness for kettlecorn, and picked me up some at Western Wake Market. It was a “snack for the road”. Of course they also gave me produce! I received a bag full of farm grown garlic, and a HUGE basket of potatoes. I was quite thrilled to see so many sweet potatoes in there (as those are my absolute favorite). The gifts that touched my heart the most were the handmade ones. Nancy and I just so happened to have a conversation about favorite colors one day while picking zinnias. She remembered me mentioning that mulberry was my favorite crayon when I was little (and very into coloring). Nancy has her own room in the house dedicated to quilting, she knows I love to read, and so she quilted a beautiful “mulberry” colored bookmark. I now use it all the time. 🙂 She also quilted a tomato printed potholder. I can’t wait to use it in my apartment! Being the craftsman that Clay is, he presented me with a cherry rolling pin. He made the pin himself, utilizing extra wood laying around the farm. Their kindness and generosity warmed my heart. I never expected to feel so much a part of their family in a matter of just two weeks. They both repeated for the hundredth time, but with the same sincerity, that I could return to the farm if things didn’t work in South Carolina. Their words, as well as their embraces, told me they meant it. Clay even started to tear up as he spoke. In that moment I knew I would be back to see them someday, I just never would have guessed it would be as soon as it was. Read on to find out why…


In South Carolina, I planned to stay at Bio-way Farm for around 2 months. From the moment I arrived, things just didn’t feel the same. I wasn’t welcomed in the same manner, and it just never really felt right. After working there for around a week, I knew I wouldn’t have the same learning opportunities and experiences as I would at Redbud. Clay’s interests and values were much more aligned with my own, compared to the farmer at Bio-way. I found it silly to stay somewhere for two months if I wouldn’t be learning what I came to learn about. Needless to say, I stayed for around a week, and headed back to my new family in North Carolina. Generally I wouldn’t “bail” on commitments that I had made, however there would be four total WWOOFers in just a matter of weeks, so I wasn’t leaving him with no one. Several other events happened, that I won’t be discussing here, making my decision to leave that much easier and practically a must.

I did get to snap a few good pictures of the farm before I parted.



While I was on the farm, I did experience some new fruits and vegetables. Muscadines being one of them, and pictured below.


I also had the chance to help package CSA boxes. Unfortunately I didn’t get to help in the delivery or meet any of the recipients.


We spent multiple days harvesting sweet potatoes. Most of them were quite large, with several being absolutely colossal!


I was welcomed back to Redbud with open arms, and have settled back in nicely. The lack of internet doesn’t allow me to blog as much as I’d like, however I’ll keep posting about WWOOFing when I can!

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