And the challenge continues!

Warning – this post contains a LOT of pictures. 😉

This past week proved to be another interesting one in my attempts to eat as locally as possible. I attended some more classes offered through the Eat Local Challenge, shopped at farmers markets, picked up my weekly CSA box, shopped at Good Eggs, and of course enjoyed delicious home-cooked local food!

The first class I attended was a fermentation class. The teacher was extremely passionate about eating fermented foods daily to provide your body with beneficial bacteria (probiotics). He explained the scientific process behind making things like pickles and sauerkraut. Below is my chopped cabbage fresh from the farmers market waiting to become fermented sauerkraut.



The teacher’s huge jar of kraut in the making.

My next class was on pickling and dehydrating food. Held in the Superfood Bar on Magazine Street, I found the class extremely informative and tasty. Participants got to try numerous pickled foods while learning new techniques to create them. I will say my favorite part of the class was learning innovative dehydrating techniques. The woman leading the class makes everything herself for both the bar and personal use. She makes raw fruit leathers, raw tortilla chips (pictured below), and raw vegetable flours.  Shown below is also one of the two smoothies we also got to taste.

A raw tortilla chip made with beet/carrot pulp, flax, and spices!
Strawberry, Date, and Coconut Water Smoothie

My last adventure was this Saturday in City Park. This was a two hour foraging tour through the park lead by Dr. Charles Allen. He showed us all the edibles available right there along a commonly walked path in the middle of a city. I tried wild lettuce, various herbs, and smelled a leave that I swear was almond extract.


photo 4
Dr. Charles Allen explaining a plant


A stinkhorn mushroom (not edible!)



On a very hot weekend, I checked out the Creole Tomato Festival in the French Quarters. Tomatoes in everything! There was even a tomato eating contest.


Grow Dat Youth Farm hosted a luncheon  this week. The kids employed there created a delicious veggie filled meal for everyone and shared their farm experiences around the lunch table.

Rainy day, but full of good food and good people

photo 1


The kids working on our lunch with the help of a local chef.
Flowers from the farm decorate the tables
photo 3
Dessert time featuring local blueberries over a nut cream and crumble
Brunch this morning at this yummy place with fellow vegans

And the home-cooked local food continues with local food from Good Eggs, the market, and CSA box.

Mushroom tofu!
More from Good Eggs, including these red potatoes.
Finally this week’s CSA box was a unique mix of herbs, eggplant, Armenian cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and greens.
Flowers from Grow Dat which came in the CSA box. 🙂

Last but certainly not least, here are some snapshots of the food I made!

Dijon potato salad with local red potatoes, local green onions, and local salt.
Rice pudding! I mixed up some cooked local brown rice, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, raisins, and a pinch of local raw sugar.
This was the start of a bulgur salad. I sliced all these veggies straight from the CSA box. Colorful tomatoes never cease to amaze me!
And on a not so healthy note, a vegan pecan brownie from a local bakery (I did not make this). It was absolutely fantastic however. Wish I had another.

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