Vegan Guide to New Orleans

When one thinks of New Orleans Cuisine, “vegan” doesn’t exactly come to mind. However since moving to the Crescent City, I’ve discovered more vegan food then I know what to do with. My list of places to try is ever-growing. I’ve put together the following guide for anyone living in or traveling to New Orleans who’s vegan, or is just looking to take a break from the heavy more traditional “New Orleans” food.

While I haven’t been to all of the places listed below, I’ll admit to having been to most. Don’t worry, any which I have yet to personally visit I’ve heard great things. Not all the cafes and restaurants are 100% vegan, but offer a nice selection of plant-based fare. All you need to do is choose where to start.

Bakeries and Coffee Shops:

  1. Breads on Oak – This is definitely my favorite coffee shop/bakery in the city. It doesn’t hurt that it’s so close to me either. They offer loads of vegan options from pastries like their chocolate pecan brownies and chocolate filled croissants, to salads, soups, and sandwiches. The breads are mostly vegan, several made with organic flours, and all made in house from scratch. They have bread tastings on Sundays with Earth Balance to spread on your bread samples. Several coffee, tea, and hot chocolate options are available with soy and almond milk options. There’s even a secret little courtyard where you can enjoy your treats.
  2. Fair Grinds – At this trendy little coffee shop they source only fair trade coffee beans, offer cold brewed coffee (yay), and have soy and almond milk for your drinks. Teas and other caffeinated drinks are also available. Just yesterday I tried their vegan chocolate chip banana bread (which was quite tasty).
  3. Hivolt – One of the first cafes I visited, this cool spot in the Garden District offers numerous vegan sandwiches, pastries, energy bars, and more, in addition to coffee and tea. The tempeh BLT was delicious.
  4. Humble Bagel – Bagels are almost all vegan, made from scratch daily.
  5. Krew du Brew – Vegan pastries and options for coffee/tea.
  6. Laurel Street Bakery – This bakery on Broad St. offers some vegan options. I’ve gotten their freshly baked seeded rolls.
  7. PJ’s – This local coffee chain offers soy (and sometimes almond milk) at it’s locations throughout the city.
  8. Shake Sugary  – Vegan pastries
  9. St. Coffee – Coffee shop in the Bywater with coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and more.

*It’s rare to find a coffee shop that doesn’t offer some type of plant-based milk. Being as I just discovered my great love of iced coffee, I’ve frequented quite a few coffee shops.

Chocolate chip pecan brownie at Breads on Oak (partially eaten)
Chocolate croissant at Breads on Oak
Mushroom Etouffee at Breads on Oak
Tempeh BLT at Hivolt
Delicious no added sugar brownie at Hivolt

Raw food and juice: 

  1. D’Juice
  2. Raw Republic
  3. Superfood Bar – Fresh juice, smoothies, salad, wraps, and more

*Several other places offer juice and are noted below.

Restaurants with large vegan selection:

  1. 3 Potato 4  – Chose from 3 types of potato, watch the fries bake in front of you (no frying), chose from numerous all vegan toppings, and enjoy! They also have vegan ice cream, cheese, and other tasty snacks. My personal recommendation is sweet potato fries with pesto mayo.
  2. Carmo  – Caribbean cuisine in the Arts District
  3. Feeling Cafe/Bhava – Feelings cafe is always open, but Bhava opens three times a week on the second floor of the same building.
  4. Satsuma – Fresh juices, fabulous lentil burger, several other dishes, and desserts
  5. Seed – Fresh juices, nice raw selection, salads, soups, tofu scrambles, cashew cheese nachos, and even a comfort food section including New Orleans favorites such as po boys and southern fried nuggets. You can also find possibly the only vegan beignets in the city here.
  6. The Green Goddess – Lots of unique vegan options in the French Quarters.
  7. The Green Fork – This place is right next to Seed!
  8. The Sneaky Pickle – I’ve had their veggie burger, but they host a wide range of vegan dishes.
Waffle cut sweet potato fries with pesto mayo at 3 Potato 4
Lentil Burger with all the toppings on seeded bread at Satuma


Vegan pizza:

  1. Mellow Mushroom – Located on Oak St. this branch of the national chain provides Daiya cheese.
  2. Mid-City Pizza – They can hold the cheese on their many veggie pizzas, use Daiya cheese, or serve you their Monday night red beans and rice special.
  3. Pizza Delicious – Located in the Bywater, this place offers specials that rotates, but always have a vegan pie to offer.
  4. Whole Foods Market on Broad – This location always offers a vegan pizza option.

Ethnic restaurants:

  1. Ba Chi Canteen  – (Vietnamese) I’ve had their tofu po’boys, however they have quite an extensive selection of more traditional vegan Vietnamese options.
  2. Cafe Abyssinia – (Ethiopian)
  3. Cafe Granada –  (Spanish)
  4. Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine and Grocery – (Middle-Eastern) Great dolma!
  5. Felipes – (Mexican)
  6. Jazmine Cafe – (Vietnamese)
  7. Juan’s Flying Burrito – (Mexican)
  8. Lebanon’s Cafe – (Middle-Eastern/Lebanese)
  9. Lilly’s Cafe – (Vietnamese)
  10. Little Tokyo  – (Japanese) Along with some good vegan eats, this place also has Karaoke!
  11. Lola’s – (Spanish)
  12. Magasin – (Vietnamese)
  13. Mona’s Cafe – (Middle-Eastern) With several locations throughout the city, this restaurant has all the classics (hummus, falafel, pita, tabbouleh, etc).
  14. MoPho – (Vietnamese)
  15. Ninja Sushi bar – (Japanese)
  16. Nirvana – (Indian)
  17. Sake Cafe – (Japanese) Great veggie sushi, salads, and steamed edamame.
  18. Santa Fe Tapas – (Mexican) Located on St. Charles, they host a vegan brunch every Saturday.
  19. Sukho Thai – (Thai)

Other food venues worth mentioning:

  1. Canal St. Bistro – Lots of fresh juices, coffee and tea options with soy milk, and several vegan entrees.
  2. Dat Dog – Several vegan options including a spicy chipotle veggie dog and an apple smoked sage dog.
  3. FARE Food Apothecary – This place is great for snacking with lots of dehydrated fruit and vegetables, and natural granola/energy bars. They also have soups and salads.
  4. Fat Falafel Food Truck – They have my favorite falafel pita with a tasty beet and cabbage slaw on top.
  5. Meals from the Heart – Located in the midst of the bustling French Market, this place cranks out some fabulous vegan food, including salads, sandwiches, juices, and breakfast fare.
  6. Noodles and Pie – Some yummy vegan appetizers.
  7. Surreys – Great brunch joint with vegan New Orleans style french toast, fresh juices, vegan migas, avocado pesto sandwiches, and much more.
  8. Truburger – Delicious veggie burger!
Quinoa and black bean salad with grilled corn, tomatoes, avocado, roasted red pepper, and balsamic vinegar at Canal St. Bistro
Apple, date, and nut bar from FARE

Farmers Markets:

  1. Crescent City Market – Now in four locations!
  2. Grow Dat Youth Farm Stand – They have two great CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes through several months of the year, in addition to their farm stand.
  3. Hollygrove Farmers Market – This market is inside a permanent building, open 7 days a week. They grow some of the produce on site, but most comes in from other local farmers. They offer a daily box most days of the week, for which there’s no subscription required. Students also get a 10% discount. 🙂 Offerings range from produce and fresh bread to sauces and tofu.
  4. Louis Armstrong Park Farmers Market
  5. Sankofa Mobile Market

Good Eggs is a great source for fresh local food as well. You order everything online and they’ll deliver free to your home (if purchasing over $25). If you have a small order, you can pick it up from one of their many locations throughout the city.

Other location food producers: Girls Gone Vegan, Hot Tamale Mama, Nur’s Kitchen, Nolavore, Louis Y Ana, Vintage Garden Kitchen and Farms, and Veggi Farmers Cooperative.

Fresh vermicelli and mushroom tofu from Veggi Farmers Cooperative

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