Eat Local Challenge: Week Four recap

This past week I headed home for my younger sister’s high school graduation (valediction and president of her class!!). It was wonderful to be back home for awhile, visit with family, and escape from the New Orleans’ heat. As far as the Eat Local Challenge, it is officially over now. I will continue to buy as much food locally as I can, and use my bike as my main method of transportation. With my bike being in the shop two weeks ago and me being out of state this last week, I haven’t been able to bike as much as I wanted. Throughout the month I was still able to bike a total of  135.5 miles through commuting alone. Not too bad!

Below are some photos of highlight meals

Local kale salad with pan-fried local tofu in spices and sliced local cucumber
Vegan “tuna” salad from Whole Foods with a side of sauteed local kale and purple rice
Grilled Daiya cheese and homemade pesto sandwich on locally made multi-grain bread.
Indian curry veggie burger (homemade by Dad) with a side salad
Peanut butter and chocolate banana ice cream topped with hemp granola and cacao nibs


Some other highlights from the trip…

Waking up to this gorgeous view! Can’t wait to be back in August
Little sister graduating as BOTH Valedictorian and Class President! So proud 🙂
Vegan cupcakes made by my sister in celebration of her graduation.

IMG_9594 IMG_9611



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