Rain does a garden good…


Thank you Mother Nature for the wonderful gift of rain this past week. I could actually see plant growth from day-to-day. Pretty neat. Due to what was a very rainy Saturday, I worked on some more DIY projects inside, including making this cool pillow. I found a pillow at a thrift shop for a couple bucks, and made the pillowcase from an organic GOTS certified sheet set I bought. I used the flat sheet to make bedroom curtains (next week’s post), and plan to use the fitted sheet for recovering some outdoor furniture. Buying a sheet set was so much cheaper then buying fabric!

Since I don’t (yet) own a sewing machine, I used something called Stitch Witchery to “sew” the sides of the pillowcase. Making it was quite simple. Cut two square pieces of fabric several inches wider and taller then your pillow. Cut one of these pieces in half (to create an opening in the back) and use stitch witchery to adhere the two smaller pieces to the larger one (make sure all fabric is facing out). I created an opening in the back to be able to easily wash the pillowcase.




Okay now the garden…

Home Garden: 

Francine the Fig continues to bud. The rain this past week significantly helped out. I would like to revise a statement I made in a previous post regarding my expectations for Francine. I was informed by some farmer friends that it would be at least 2 years before my tree will be producing fruit (possibly up to 6 years). So much for my fall jam plans!


My mint is really taking off too. I was convinced that none of the herbs I planted were going to do anything, however within the past couple days they sprouted!


Since it’s still too cold at night to leave tomatoes outside, I’ve been taking my tomatoes outside before leaving for work in the morning, and bringing them back inside upon returning at night. This way they can soak up the sun during the day. It seems to be working.


Community Garden: 

Gopher wire is complete! Well it was last weekend, but here are the promised pictures.



The process involved removing all the dirt from the plot, stapling down wire, and putting all the dirt back. What a workout…

After the wire was laid, it was time to start planting! Because it’s one of the only methods I have experience with, and very efficient in maximizing one’s yield, I will be using the square foot gardening method in my plot. I mapped out the plot like a grid, laying string every foot. This is helpful in spacing out your seeds the appropriate amount for the specific crop. And for keeping track of what’s growing where!


I planted numerous beet, radish, pea, and green varieties, however due to the large amount of rain that poured within a matter of a few days…well you can see in the photo that nothing much has sprouted.

Possibly some greens that survived the rains.

Next week, depending on the forecast, some much needed outdoor adventure pictures!

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