My trials with sourdough bread

Sourdough Starter Logo.jpg

It might be the recent Alice Waters’ lecture I attended, Michael Pollan’s Netflix series episode on air, or perhaps the delicious sourdough bread I’ve been enjoying from a local bakery, but I am going sourdough crazy lately.

Never having made sourdough bread before, let alone from scratch with wild yeast, I spent a decent amount of time over the weekend researching techniques and recipes for this style of bread-making.

After consulting many sources, I landed on Tartine’s recipe. Below is the starter on day one. So far the procedure entailed mixing whole wheat flour and warm water together in a jar, covering it with a towel, and letting it sit on the counter.

Hopefully next week’s post will include a loaf of bread, although the starter can sometimes take over a week to be ready. Regardless, I’ll update you on the progress the starter made throughout the week!


Sourdough Starter.jpg

Feel free to share any tips, tricks, or questions here!

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