Tartine’s Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread_Logo.jpg

This weekend was filled with sunshine, exploring new cities, Ikea shopping, gardening, cooking, and making more progress on my headboard.

As you can from the photo below, my Ikea trip was quite successful. My new plants are really livening up my apartment.


The bird netting is up in the garden to attempt to keep out the birds. Hopefully my beets will have a chance to grow now.

Trying to ward off the birds!

My First Construction Project Update: 

The headboard is done! I did some final sanding and stained the piece this weekend. It’s all ready to be moved into my bedroom. The photo below is the back of it. The front looks much better.

The bed frame is nearing completion. All but one board have been drilled together. By next week’s post it should be done! The photo below is the frame upside down.



Sourdough Bread: 

Well it’s been a full two weeks since I started this process. I started my sourdough starter from scratch, feeding it everyday. On Sunday I spent the majority of the day working on making the loaves. Beginning at 9am and finishing at 7pm, it was quite a process. The Tartine recipe I followed was three pages long and required adding water, then adding flour, then more water and flour, turning the mixture every 30 minutes, and so much waiting!

While the bread was pretty delicious, I will choose a shorter and less complex recipe next time. The wild sourdough starter gives the bread a unique flavor, you don’t get from dry active yeast. I will savor every slice of my hard work.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread2

Sourdough Bread4

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