Yosemite + Lake Tahoe + Finished Bed Frame = Happy Kelly

Driving to Tahoe12_logo.jpg

I feel more officially a Californian after visiting both Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe last week. My travel companions and I also stopped in the state capital, Sacramento, but the city can’t compete with the natural beauty of mountains and lakes.

Part of Upper Yosemite Falls
Mirror Lake view of Half Dome
Emerald Bay6
Lake Tahoe – Emerald Bay
Skunk Harbor8
Hiking down to Skunk Harbor

Before this trip when I pictured Nevada, I definitely didn’t picture this. Hiking down to the Caribbean-like water was spectacular.

Skunk Harbor14


Skunk Harbor22

Here it is! My first construction project is now 100% complete.


Tonight I will finally get to sleep on my completed bed set. The head board and bed frame are finally in place. Thank you Dad for helping me move it! I couldn’t have imagined it turning out any better, and am immensely proud of myself for seeing it through.


After six plus months of having my mattress on the floor, this will be a welcomed change.

The only question that remains is “what will I build next?”. I’m thinking dining room table…

The obligatory weekly food picture…

This time a wonderful farm fresh family meal shared amongst my guests. Spread on the table is whole wheat sourdough bread, homemade almond cheese, fresh strawberries, nuts, crisp white wine, and a fava bean salad drizzled with a peanut sauce. Not pictured were the ever so quick to disappear lemon bars. Yum!

Family Dinner1.jpg

And a garden update…

Radishes and greens are growing nicely. I’ve harvested quite a bit this weekend. The tomatoes I started from seed have been successfully transplanted and seem to be doing well. I’m most excited to see how my cucumbers grow. 🙂

Despite some nibbles from bugs, the bird netting and gopher wire seem to be keeping up the bigger garden pests (at least for now). I’m crossing my fingers it continues to work!

Radishes growing away
Before weeding and transplanting
After weeding and transplanting


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