Big Dreaming in California

While coming back from an afternoon run along West Cliff yesterday, I came upon a scene that I still don’t know what to make of. Two firetrucks and several police cars blocked the road, while lifeguards sprang into action toward the ocean.

What was going on here, you may be wondering. My best guess is that someone got a little too close to the edge of the cliffs and fell down into the water, unable to get back out. Why am I writing about this on a food & travel blog? Well I thought it was about time I write about my new life in California. To take a moment and share the observations I’ve made in the environment that now surrounds me.

California is amazing, in every sense of the word and I don’t know if I’ll ever leave. That being said, it isn’t perfect, as no place is. I believe it’s the imperfections and therefore possibilities for improvement which make it so alluring (and of course all the natural beauty 🙂 ).

The people I’ve met, in Santa Cruz particularly, have a true passion for creating positive change. There’s a lot going on here to get involved with, no matter what you’re passionate about. The community is as environmentally conscious as they come, with a large bike commuting scene, farmers markets in numerous locations throughout the week, and even a compost collection service via. bike. Whoa.

It seems that the community is all on the same page. We need to protect the environment, start reversing climate change, and build healthier communities. Now. I can’t say I’ve ever lived somewhere like this. There are always the naysayers on the other side pushing against change, progress, the good people are trying to do. Perhaps it’s because the community seems so in sync that projects are actually completed in a timely manner. Imagine that!

I think that’s the really inspirational part. Not only can one see the possibility for change, but your community supports you in making that change. It’s realistic to dream big in California. Wilder Ranch Tours17.jpg

Wilder Ranch Tours11.jpg


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