An Ode to Fava Beans

My office had a “bad poetry contest” last week, and I thought I’d share the poem I wrote.

Fava Beans

An Ode to Fava Beans

In my garden there are many plants, and on those plants there are many ants.

By the hundreds they crawl, up and up – so tall.

“What are they doing up there?”, I wonder as I stare.

The aphids are their friends, leaving sweet secretions at every bend.

Every day I combat the marauders. How you ask? Well, with water.

I turn the hose to the jet setting. “Brace for impact!” I say. “Don’t come back, or you’ll be regretting!”

Why would one go to such lengths defending a bean? Well they’re my favorite, they keep me so lean.

On and on I must go protecting my favas, you might even say I love them more than java.

Soon, very soon, they’ll be plump enough to eat. My oh my, I’m in for a treat!

After shucking and boiling, and shucking some more, I’ll mash up the beans with olive oil galore.

It’s finally time for me to enjoy my spread, to slather on nothing else but a slice of Companion* bread.


*Companion is a popular local bakery in Santa Cruz.

Photo credit goes to my friend Stephanie


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