Santa Cruz to Sonoma

Armstrong Redwoods12

A little over a week ago, I bid farewell to my home of three years. Santa Cruz treated me well and I will miss it dearly, however a new job brought me North to Sonoma County. The past week has been filled with adventures and explorations of my new home.

Free Redwoods Day brought me to Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve where I was reunited with my beloved redwood trees. The initial steep climb of the East Ridge Trail brought me up to some beautiful views.

Armstrong Redwoods4

Armstrong Redwoods8

The area’s annual Farm Trails event brought me to Aztec Dahlias and Bees n’ Bloom, followed by a relaxing afternoon walking around the Barlow in Sebastopol.

The flower field (with several hundred varieties of dahlias) was mesmerizing, each flower more extraordinary than the last. A chorus of birds singing in the nearby trees, intensified the magic.

Aztec Dahlias9

Aztec Dahlias4

Aztec Dahlias7

Aztec Dahlias21

Bees n’ Bloom has the largest labyrinth in California. The labyrinth is half a mile long (yes I walked the whole thing) and hosts 900 lavender plants! The certified organic farm also has several bee colonies on site that they maintain. The jazz music that was being pumped through the gardens, gave my galavanting a relaxing overtone.

Bees n' Bloom4
Bees n' Bloom6

Bees n' Bloom13

At my last stop, the streets in the Barlow were lined with the most beautiful maple trees all changing colors as they transitioned to winter. I walked around the district popping in and out of shops, art galleries, and finally settled on the square to enjoy my lunch while  listening to a live French quartet.

The Barlow3.JPG

I think I’m going to like it here, and definitely won’t run out of things to do!

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