About Me

Hello readers! Welcome to my blog.


My name is Kelly. I’m currently pursuing a career in Public Health focusing on nutrition, food policy, and sustainable food systems. Working in various components of the food system over the past few years (from farm to market), I’ve seen the positive impact local sustainable systems can have on health, economies, and the environment.


I’ve had a passion for healthy living for quite some time, attaining a Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Master’s in Public Health.

My personal focus lies in plant-based nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, and going through life with intention. I love to experiment with food in both the garden and kitchen, resulting in fantastic meals for family and friends. I am also an avid runner, cyclist, and yogi. Throughout my career I hope to positively shape our food system making it more sustainable, while educating communities on healthy lifestyles.


Mexican detox salad (4)

Traveling is a second passion of mine. Thus far I have been blessed with experiencing the South American cultures of Bolivia and Peru, European cultures of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, and France, as well as the unique traditions each US state has to offer. Alaska, Hawaii, and the city of New Orleans, I’ve found to be the most diverse. Now living in California, my home is a nature lover’s paradise. Outdoor adventures abound, resulting in an ever-growing “places to see” list.

Lunch Along the Thames (13)

Explorations (42)

I started this blog to not only share the food I cook with others, but to provide some nutrition tips, local and organic food sources/information, share fitness progress, and document my travels. There are a lot of exciting adventures I am embarking on, and I cannot wait to share them with you!


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