Farm & Garden

Farming and gardening are long time passions of mine. It still amazes me that a tiny little seed will sprout, grow, produce food, and provide hundreds of more seeds. I’ve been surrounded by gardening as long as I can remember. My mother always had numerous varieties of vegetables and fruit growing at my childhood home. As an aspiring gardener I was encouraged to dig in, both figuratively and literally. This early exposure sparked a passion for growing my own food and has shaped the life path I have ultimately taken.


For me it’s been crucial to understand the food system from the beginning, i.e. on a farm or in a garden. Knowing how food can be sustainably grown, in a way that both feeds sufficient people and restores the environment, is important for me. I cannot be a successful advocate for more sustainable food systems without fully understanding the system from the start. To attain this knowledge I’ve been involved with numerous community gardens, worked on organic farms, participated in CSA’s, and continuely engage with farmers at weekly markets.